Revolution Fest IV – Interview with Dead City Riot

Dead City Riot, a skacore band from Connecticut, will participate in the 4th Revolution Fest’s edition, an antifascist, anticapitalist and feminist festival, co-organized by Montreal Sisterhood and RASH-MTL. The band will play on October 6th and will share the stage with Common Front HiFi, Dynamite Express, Les Skalpés, The Resojets.

Here is an interview with Dead City Riot, part of a series of interviews that will presents a few bands participating in this 4th edition of the Revolution Fest.



-For those who don’t know you, can you introduce your band?

Genesis – Guitar Adam – Drums/Vocals Matt – Vocals Vinnie – Keyboard Nathan – Bass

-What does the scene look like in Connecticut?

It’s spread a bit thin over the state but the bands that are there are great, hard working and willing to do anything to help each other. The people that come out to the shows are also some really great people.10271407_332924163526386_6562461175109798720_o

-Are there any bands you’d like us to know about?

I would say to check out Cry Havoc! for sure. Know them for years and are fantastic. Also Bragging Rights, Losing Streak, and Pus are all worth checking out.

-What do you know about Canada?

As far as the music scene goes, not as much as we would like to, only what we’ve heard from other bands that have gone that way. But from them we’ve heard nothing but great things. We’ve been wanting to come play for quite a long time.

-What made you want to play at Revolution Fest?

I came across the info on then fest by accident really while online. I was really excited by the spirit of the festival and what it stood for. As we’re a very political band any chance to meet like minded people who believe in change and equality is always exciting .


-Where do you stand, politically?

As a group we are all free thinkers. We differ slightly here and there but I can safely say we are very…very left. If anyone would like to ask please just walk up and ask, We’re always interested to have discussions on any topic.

-What are the main struggles in USA at the moment?

As I said since all the members of the group are free thinkers would all have our opinions on what would be the most important. Speaking for myself ( Adam ) I would say the epidemic of police violence and racism would top my list. It’s hard to answer actually as many of the causes today have my respect and solidarity.

-What are your next projects?

We are about to release our EP Die Hipster Scum as well as our previous album A World Into Dust on vinyl in the coming weeks. Also we are in the middle of writing our next album that we hope to begin recording very soon.

– Any last words?

That sounds ominous haha. Well we are all very excited to be a part of the fest and happy to be working with such fantastic people. We would like coming to Canada to be something that happens much more often


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