Revolution Fest – Interview with Oi Polloi

Oi Polloi, an anarcho-punk band from Scotland, will participate in the 4th Revolution Fest’s edition, an antifascist, anticapitalist and feminist festival, co-organized by Montreal Sisterhood and RASH-MTL. The band will play on October 8th and will share the stage with La Gachette, Offensive Mindset, Shotcallers, Parasytes et Mauvaise Conduite.

Here is the first in a series of interviews that will presents few bands participating in this 4th edition of the Revolution Fest.


-For those who don’t know you, can you introduce your band?

We’re a noisy band from Scotland. We’ve been playing for a few decades now, touring and releasing records in the underground DIY scene. Our base is in Edinburgh although we no longer all live there. We mostly sing in English although we also have a lot of songs in Scots Gaelic which is the indigenous celtic language of Scotland. At our live shows we put a lot of emphasis on crowd participation so if you like a bit of a sing-along you won’t be disappointed!


-What does the scene look like in Scotland?

Scotland isn’t a very big country population-wise – only about 5 million people – and there are only about 4 or 5 cities really so the scene for our kind of stuff is pretty small but there are plenty bands and fairly regular gigs. They aren’t usually too big though – if we get 100 people at one of our gigs in Edinburgh that’s a good night. There are some good DIY festivals as well of course so there’s plenty going on even if there aren’t huge numbers of people involved.


-Are there any bands you’d like us to know about?

There are plenty great bands around in Scotland – if you like Discharge-influenced D-beat stuff then you should check out AOA who were playing in the 80s and have recently reformed, if you like melodic 77 stuff then check out Edinburgh’s SAD SOCIETY who are brilliant at that, if you like metallic HC stuff then check out THE PROCESS or IN DECADES DECLINE. From Aberdeen there’s also the mighty TOXIK EPHEX who are amazing tuneful punk rock – every song will stick in your head after hearing it – they’re incredible if you like tuneful stuff. AFTERBIRTH and SOCIAL INSECURITY are also well worth checking out if you like crust stuff – there’s something for all the family!


-What do you know about Canada?

First things that come to mind might be, let’s see, um – tar sands, Justin Trudeau, maple syrup, ice hockey, Quebec sovereignty movement, Stephen Harper, stunning beautiful nature – particularly on the west coast, band-wise:- SNFU, DOA, Nomeansno and Propagandhi, Gaelic-speaking on Cape Breton island, lots of people with Scottish roots, First Nations, Niagara Falls, Banff National Park, cold winters, bears, French/English bilingualism etc etc – we’re only aware of bits and pieces basically – but we’re looking forward to learning as much as we can when we’re there!


-What made you want to play at Revolution Fest?

We’re always interested in playing these kinds of events especially in other countries which gives us a great opportunity to meet new people and learn about new places and the important issues there. We’re really excited about the festival and very much looking forward to exchanging ideas and experiences with you all.


-Where do you stand, politically?

We’re against all forms of racism and fascism, we detest injustice. bigotry and homophobia and we believe in peace and clean air and water!


-What are the main struggles in Scotland at the moment?

The big issue in Scotland at the moment is the movement for independence from England – something we’re all very much in favour of. It’s a big subject that we could talk about for hours but the main thing to emphasize is that it’s not just about changing the flag on the flagpole and continuing everything else in the same way – it’s about two very different visions for the future. It’s too big a subject to go into in detail here right now but we’re very happy to talk to anyone who’s interested about it more when we’re over.




-What are your next projects?
We’re working on a new album – haha – fairly typical boring band answer I suppose! We’re also going to be doing a split 7″ EP with an excellent international women’s rights band MANTILLA who you should all check out – they’re brilliant!


– Any last words?

Hope to see you all very soon – we’re looking forward to meeting lots of interesting people and learning a lot!


The Revolution Fest’s gig will be the first show of a Quebec and Ontario tour:

October 9th – Sainte-Thérèse

With Dissidence, Public Outsiders and Apostoloi

October 10th – Québec

With Péroxide

A bus will be coming from Montreal.

October 12th – Toronto

With Murder Squad, Katatonix, Absolut and Wretched Fools

October 13th – Montréal

With Dead City Riot, Talk-Sick and King Cans

October 14th – Sherbrooke

With Dead City Riot, Sights of War and FullMT

October 15th – Saint-Hyacinthe

With Désordre Mental, Shotcallers and Néophobie

October 16th – Ottawa

With Asile and L’animal Méchant



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